Gastronomic Madness is a community for those that appreciate food and wine as well as meeting like minded people.  We create events focused around the table of sharing good food and wine and ambience with music and eclectic people.  We believe in the concept of  cross cultural and fusion and bringing together a gastronomic madness experience. The project was founded by Katrina Logie and stemmed from her love of food. GM highlights the latest gastronomy trends, fusion inspired evenings, chefs, soulful wine and music .

We take you on a journey of food, wine and people.  We are based in Barcelona but like to explore the globe through food and inspiring those who want to travel and explore regions.

While I enjoy finding synergies between people, it’s also about finding synergies between food. Whether this is combining extraordinary flavours or creating an event to combine food related themes.  Food is a big part of my heart and I hope this website will attest to my passion for people, food concepts, culture, and innovation.