Who Are we?

This project was founded by Katrina Logie and Mar Sanchez for their mutual love of food and wine, and their desire to connect forward-thinking people and projects around a table. 

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Katrina Logie


Katrina Logie is a gastronomic madness creator. She loves to create and build on diverse cross-cultural and unique experiences. Katrina was born in London, where she explored her love of food and wine stemming from her mother’s kitchen table to London’s hunger for new dining experiences, chefs, trends and culture. She loves to connect to local gastronomy and culture through exploring new cities. 

“Food connects to the heart and soul of people, which brings together diversity and culture around a table” 

Gastronomic Madness is a combination of her love for food and wine, as well as her passion for promoting business opportunities for entrepreneurs, chefs, artists concepts and trends. 


Mar Sanchez

Mar Sanchez 

Co- Creator 

Mar is a Barcelonian by birth with a global curious mind.  She grew up around long lunches with delicious healthy mediterranean food, wine and great conversations.  During her time travelling as a Project and Sales Manager in the Software Consulting world she had the chance to live and experience different cities such as San Francisco, Paris, Tampa, Copenhagen and Amsterdam. During her time there she enjoyed her spare time exploring different cultures, people, wine and food and had a hunger for discovering new experiences. 

“My best ideas and long term contacts happened around a lunch or dinner table that was the motor to be part of the Gastronomic Madness Project !” 

She loves to bring new ideas and people around the table for sharing the passion and exploring the dynamics of food, wine and experiences.  She believes in sharing good journeys via the pallette whilst learning and creating through the senses of gastronomic pleasures and connections.

Following her passion for connecting with people and exploring the 5 senses,she is also a certified NLP ( Neuro-Linguistic Programing) Practitioner Premium LifeStyle Coach. She has attended several wine tasting courses in Florence ( Italy), Napa and Sonoma ( California), La Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Sant Sadurni d’ Anoia, Montsant and Priorat ( Spain), Cape Town ( South Africa), Reims ( France).


Gastronomic Madness is our project to connect creative thinkers and concepts around a diverse table of gastronomic experiences and wine.

While we love to have fun, we also believe in the importance of positive social impact, and promoting ideas and projects that are making a difference in our society.

Social Impact

We care about social impact and we want to help local communities and charities by giving ten percent of proceeds to local projects


We want to create events where food, ideas and discussions are shared in an open, happy environment. 



We believe in the future of, and exploring the latest trends around gastronomy, innovation and entrepreneurship. 


We’re passionate about what we do. From beginning to end, we put our souls into each and every one of our events.


We want everyone to feel comfortable being who they are, and treating each other with the utmost respect at each of our events. 


We would never work with someone we didn’t trust, and we would never expect you to either. Our events are built around a mutual trust between our clients and participants, ensuring an equal and honest relationship every time!