3 Pre-Table Food Organizations In Barcelona

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As delicious as food is on the plate, there is a lot that goes into the dish before it finds itself on your table. The food industry is a massive organism, with many businesses and organizations that you might not have even thought of. Today, we are looking at three Barcelona pre-table food


Allfoodexperts is a global expert community transforming the agri-food industry through collaborative innovation and sharing value creation. They focus on nurturing knowledge and innovation through a community of experts using an online platform focused exclusively on the food & beverage industry. Their vision is to lead an industry transformation that makes food access more just and sustainable, reaching more people in more places. Their community has more than 1,500 engaged experts from around the world and across all sectors and specialities of the food industry collaborating. 

Users can access this network through the website,  which you can find here.


Foodisms is a local Barcelona project that is meant to encourage sustainable food projects. With a wealth of their own events, there is no shortage of projects that you can get involved in. Saturday, July 1st, Barcelona initiative Foodisms hosted Feasts on a Farm in collaboration with the awesome farmers of Aurora Del Camp. This event took place on the Aurora Del Camp farm in nearby Masnou, and guests were able to harvest their own food, then help prepare the feast out of the fresh and organic ingredients they have helped pick that day. Visitors also had the choice of bringing home a 7kg basket of farm fresh organic produce. This event is a great way to learn more about the agricultural industry and have an amazing meal in the process! 

To learn more, visit the Foodisms Facebook page here.

Reimagine Food

Reimagine Food is a Barcelona was founded on the concept of exploring the intersection of food and emerging technology.  Reimagine Food is an ecosystem that creates and attracts initiatives out to rethink the world of food and cooking, the agrifood industry and the way we meet our food needs in the 21st century. To accomplish this, they bring together start-ups, food and beverage companies and investors and bridge the gap between these groups and emerging, disruptive technology. Their goal is to promote food talent and innovation, both in Barcelona and around the world.

To learn more about Reimagine Food, go to their website here.