Barcelona’s Best Elusive Eats

Restaurants have always been the traditional way of enjoying other people’s cuisine. But maybe they’re becoming a thing of the past. Food is becoming more and more mobile, whether it’s delivery services, a pop-up, or food trucks. What interests us today is the later- the idea of temporary food. It creates an immediate novelty- after…

The Best Juice take outs in Barcelona

We’ve all been told since childhood to drink our juice. For a long time, it has represented an easy and tasty way to get the nutrients your body needs. When you can combine fruits and veggies to make your favourite drink, you can easily increase your daily intake of necessary and healthy vitamins and nutrients….

The Miracle of Food Delivery

To eat out or to stay at home? It’s a question many of us face every week when that mix of boredom and hunger kick in. Going out means getting dressed, sitting at a table, and waiting. Staying at home means eating whatever is already in the fridge. Or does it?

Best Pizza in Barcelona: Pizzeria Micaela

Pizza is an ancient tradition- truly it is. The first ever recorded instance of the word pizza came from the tenth century, which means it has been around for over a thousand years. The modern incarnation of pizza, that ooey gooey cheesy deliciousness we all love, was born in Naples far more recently. Still, it…

5 Euro Meals in Barcelona

It is undisputable that eating out is a big part of Spanish culture. Perhaps it’s a part of your social network, or maybe sometimes you just can’t be bothered to eat what’s in your fridge. Or maybe you’re just visiting Barcelona, and don’t want to break the bank. However, going out often can quickly get…

Concept Dining: Is Blending Concepts The Future?

People are always looking for the newest trend in food, but what if we add business? Recently, a new idea has emerged: the shared space concept store. What does it mean? No longer are places of food pidgeon-holed into a single idea. A bar is no longer just a bar, a cafe just a cafe,…

Vegan: Trend or True?

  Vegan- just the word might earn a few eye rolls, but it is undeniable that this lifestyle is becoming more and more popular. Because it is a lifestyle, where people commit to not using any animal product or by-product for food, clothing, or anything else. Which you can imagine is fairly difficult, even if…

Sake In Barcelona, And Where To Find It

Everyone knows Spain is known for its wine, from Cava to rich reds and crisp whites. But lately, an imported wine is starting to make waves in Barcelona. Is it from Italy or France? Well, no, this new wine is from Japan, and it’s called Sake.

3 Pre-Table Food Organizations In Barcelona

As delicious as food is on the plate, there is a lot that goes into the dish before it finds itself on your table. The food industry is a massive organism, with many businesses and organizations that you might not have even thought of. Today, we are looking at three Barcelona pre-table food

Fusion Food in Barcelona and Where to Find It.

Each part of the world comes with it’s own unique flavours and distinct cuisine. It doesn’t matter where you are from, you probably think your country’s cuisine is the best. However, in the era of globalization, a new trend has emerged: fusion food. Fusion is the beautiful practice of traditional and old flavours coming together…