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Barcelona’s Best Elusive Eats

Restaurants have always been the traditional way of enjoying other people’s cuisine. But maybe they’re becoming a thing of the past. Food is becoming more and more mobile, whether it’s delivery services, a pop-up, or food trucks. What interests us today is the later- the idea of temporary food. It creates an immediate novelty- after all, you might be eating something somewhere that might never exist again. Food trucks and pop-up can be elusive, adding an element of fun, too. Continue reading “Barcelona’s Best Elusive Eats”


Best Pizza in Barcelona: Pizzeria Micaela

Pizza is an ancient tradition- truly it is. The first ever recorded instance of the word pizza came from the tenth century, which means it has been around for over a thousand years. The modern incarnation of pizza, that ooey gooey cheesy deliciousness we all love, was born in Naples far more recently. Still, it has managed to spread around the world, finding success wherever it is sold. In North America, it has reached staggering popularity, available everywhere, even common in the frozen form. Here in Barcelona, there is one chain of restaurants that seems to have figured out pizza better than the rest. Continue reading “Best Pizza in Barcelona: Pizzeria Micaela”


5 Euro Meals in Barcelona

It is undisputable that eating out is a big part of Spanish culture. Perhaps it’s a part of your social network, or maybe sometimes you just can’t be bothered to eat what’s in your fridge. Or maybe you’re just visiting Barcelona, and don’t want to break the bank. However, going out often can quickly get expensive, so today we are going to be looking at the best meals in Barcelona for 5 euros or less.

Continue reading “5 Euro Meals in Barcelona”


Concept Dining: Is Blending Concepts The Future?

People are always looking for the newest trend in food, but what if we add business? Recently, a new idea has emerged: the shared space concept store. What does it mean? No longer are places of food pidgeon-holed into a single idea. A bar is no longer just a bar, a cafe just a cafe, or a restaurant just a restaurant. The most innovative and creative spaces always have something else, an element of added value and interest. This makes each one unique and too good to miss. Continue reading “Concept Dining: Is Blending Concepts The Future?”

Fusion Food in Barcelona and Where to Find It.

Each part of the world comes with it’s own unique flavours and distinct cuisine. It doesn’t matter where you are from, you probably think your country’s cuisine is the best. However, in the era of globalization, a new trend has emerged: fusion food. Fusion is the beautiful practice of traditional and old flavours coming together to create something new. Spain, especially Barcelona, is no stranger to fusion. Let’s take a look at how foreign cuisine has made it’s way into Spanish culture.


Empanadas, the small flaky pastry of your dreams, originate from Latin America. Each distinct type can be traced back to Chile, Argentina, or Brazil. However, as Spanish speaking people from Latin America have moved to Spain, they have brought their delicious cuisine with them. Now empanadas can be found in many restaurants and bars in Barcelona. Their small size lend themselves to tapas culture, and the possibility for filling is nearly endless, meaning they are often blended with more traditional Spanish flavours.

Looking where to try some of the best empanadas in Barcelona?  Las Empas in Gracia has charming decor and diverse flavours of empanadas are definitely worth checking out! Find them at Carrer de Francisco Giner, 6, 08012 Barcelona.


Tacos, much like empanadas, share a colonial history with Latin American. This easy to eat finger food is relatively easy to make, and absolutely delicious. In Spain, tacos are available in nearly every Mexican restaurant. Here, while they take inspiration from the Mexican tradition, they are made from Spanish ingredients, such as Spanish fish, Iberico ham, or local beef.

If you’re looking for tacos in Barcelona, Pikio Taco is top good to miss. They combine traditional Mexican tacos with locally sourced ingredients. Find them at Carrer de Còrsega,
376, 08037 Barcelona.

Arab-Spanish Tapas

It’s not hard to imagine Spain would have some of the best Arab fusion food. Due to its close proximity to Morocco, rich and spicy flavours have blended with the Spanish tradition of tapas. This includes using herbs such as thyme and sumac, and fruit such as dates and figs to fuse with the rich flavours of Spain.

Looking for the best Arab-Spanish tapas in Barcelona? Check out Ziryab in the Gothic Quarter, Carrer dels Ases, 16, 08003 Barcelona. They use quality ingredients and blend more traditional local tapas with Middle Eastern flavours to create interesting, spicy and flavoursome dishes.

The Best Tea Barcelona Has To Offer

Healthy and tasty, tea has been around for thousands of years. For good reason too, since it can be consumed hot or cold, with or without caffeine, and with just about any garnish you want. Maybe you like a strong black tea with a couple of healthy scoops of sugar in the morning to get you through the day, or perhaps a refreshingly fruity iced tea in the afternoon in the heat of summer, or even a little evening brew with a splash of liqueur.

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