Off The Beaten Path Nature Walks

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Pere Alzina I Bilbeny is a nature, Mountain, and travel guide. As a freelancer, he is known as Beyond Barcelona. Born and raised in Arenys de Mar, Pere always has one foot in the mountains and the other on the Mediterranean coast. He loves spending time in both environments, whether it be adventuring through the trees, or watching gulls and the scents of the sea and woods. We have collaborated with Pere to bring to you off the beaten path nature walks and tapa tours for the tourist inside you that wants to get away from the downtown streets of Barcelona.

The outing will be around 4 hours. With the walking tour taking up the first 2 hours (90 minutes walking, 30 minutes talking) around 4-5KM. Then finishing the adventure with 2-3 nices places to eat “tapas.” Based on the length of time, tours will take place either in Sant Pol (for shorter walks) or Arenys de Mar where nature is a little bit further. The tours take tourists on journeys off the beaten track and providing them with unique experiences. Join one of Pere’s tours and make use of all the knowledge and insight he has. I know I will

You can find more about Pere and his tours here!


Twitter: @beyondbcn


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