Off The Beaten Path Nature Walks

Pere Alzina I Bilbeny is a nature, Mountain, and travel guide. As a freelancer, he is known as Beyond Barcelona. Born and raised in Arenys de Mar, Pere always has one foot in the mountains and the other on the Mediterranean coast. He loves spending time in both environments, whether it be adventuring through the trees, or watching gulls and the scents of the sea and woods. We have collaborated with Pere to bring to you off the beaten path nature walks and tapa tours for the tourist inside you that wants to get away from the downtown streets of Barcelona.

The outing will be around 4 hours. With the walking tour taking up the first 2 hours (90 minutes walking, 30 minutes talking) around 4-5KM. Then finishing the adventure with 2-3 nices places to eat “tapas.” Based on the length of time, tours will take place either in Sant Pol (for shorter walks) or Arenys de Mar where nature is a little bit further. The tours take tourists on journeys off the beaten track and providing them with unique experiences. Join one of Pere’s tours and make use of all the knowledge and insight he has. I know I will

You can find more about Pere and his tours here!


Twitter: @beyondbcn


El Peixa al Plat: Sustainable Fishing Tour

El Peixa al Plat or The Fish Dish in English is a sustainable fishing company that focuses on the over-exploitation of seas, oceans and marine animals. The Mediterranean cuisine is a big money business, but unfortunately, fish stocks are decreasing in size, and fish consumption in growing  El Peixa want’s to help others find a way to eat fish responsibly.

The mission of El Peixa al Plat is to commercialize fresh, local and seasonal fish boxes at an affordable price; encourage and promote consumption of lesser know marine species to preserve diversity in the aquatic ecosystem; raise awareness about responsible fish buying and selling; and help come up with and create innovative and sustainable packaging solution to reduce the impact on environment. Its objective is to provide a service outreach on a sustainable alternative that has the consumer to purchase fish and responsible consumption of local products.

Sustainable fishing comes in many forms. Starting at the source, fishing techniques used by small vessels, help ensure a more responsible environmental product – they only catch the seasonal species that are adequate in size as to not interfere with the reproductive cycle of the fish. Like in tree talk, for every tree you cut down you should plant ten more.  For every fish you eat, you should reproduce ten more. This will maintain the biodiversity and the ecosystem.

Through their food tours, they hope to promote a greater responsibility for their clients and guests and provide knowledge for those when buying fish locally. They organize guided tours of the Barcelona Fisherman’s Guild for individuals, families, groups or schools. See here for info

Meeting at the Civic Centre La Barceloneta at 1:00 pm, Anna Bozzano and Claudio Masala the people in the kitchen will explain marine recipe secrets, give advice on food prep and discuss reasonable consumption of fish. You get to help in preparing the food dish and enjoy the final product with some a fresh bottle of wine or beer. After the first part of the fishing experience, you will then move to Llotja of Barcelona Fishermen (a 15-minute tour) of which you will learn about fisherman life, boats, fishing methods, and how they get the fish to the market. You will also learn how to distinguish different types of fish and the level of freshness. Tours cost 60-80 euros. Starts at 1:00pm – 5:30pm

The sustainable fishing tours go from market to market, following a complete route of the fish from sea to the table. On the tours you discover, the different types of boats and fishing gear used to catch different species. You will see what happens once the fish has been caught when it is in the market you will be taught to recognize fresh and local species versus the imported, plus some tips for making a responsible purchase.

If you like seafood and sustainability – the sustainable fishing tour is a great thing to try out.

To learn more check out their website


Helping foodies eat food: bitemojo. When I travel, I love to eat food that is culturally authentic rather than sticking to what I am familiar with. But sometimes finding these hidden gems when you are not a local is hard. Well, bitemojo is an app that offers self-guided culinary bite tours in fascinating destinations.

The philosophy of Bitemojo is that eating food is how we get to know new places and understand different cultures. Through eating, tasting, and trying things we can’t find back home, we meet locals and hear their take on our shared universe. With BM tourism is taking on a new approach to how people travel to and experience destinations.

A “culinary bridge between visitors and locals, between people who love delicious dishes and the culinary stars that create them”. – Bitemojo

With the App, you pay for it and download it onto your phone. When you open it up a map pops up with locations to go to- they are all cafes, restaurants, bistros, etc. who’ve agreed to be a part of this food journey. The map takes you on this journey at your own pace. While travelling, the places you pass and interact with, the map with share a little bit of information and history with you. Everything has a story. When you get to your food location, you enable the food and show that you have paid for the app get your food and your on to the next one.The bitemojo app is now in Berlin and available for iOS & Android.

The bitemojo app is available in Berlin and Jerusalem and soon in Barcelona.

Available for iOS & Android.

Barcelona Eat Local Food Tours

Have you ever visited a country and had a mission to experience authentic cultural food? And then you end up missing the mark and eating at touristy locations because that’s what is easy? Well, have no fear. When you come to Barcelona you can get an authentic Spanish culinary experience by joining up with Barcelona Eat Local Food Tours. This idea combines two of my favorite things, food and tourism. And if you’re like me you’ll want to be a part of this magical expereince.

The co-founders of Barcelona Eat Local want to “celebrate people that are passionate about food by providing customers a culinary and cultural experience in fascinating neighborhoods of this city”.  The tours take locals through a local experience that embraces Spanish culture in a sustainable way. Not only do the tours provide travelers with an authentic culinary experience, that focuses on sustainability and nutrition, but they also take foodies and tourists away from the hectic mass tourism locations.

We met with one of the co-founders the other day. Marina Manasyan, hopes that the food tours she provides represent and showcase the simplistic beauty of Barcelona.

You can learn more, sign up and plan your tour easily online here  and also you can check out their facebook