The Best Food Tours Barcelona Has to Offer

There is no better way to get to know a city and its culture than to taste the food it has to offer. In a city like Barcelona where there is a cafe, restaurant, and tapas bar on each block, choosing the right place to go can be difficult. You can spend hours combing through internet reviews and friend recommendations, or you can sign up for a food tour



Helping foodies eat food: bitemojo. When I travel, I love to eat food that is culturally authentic rather than sticking to what I am familiar with. But sometimes finding these hidden gems when you are not a local is hard. Well, bitemojo is an app that offers self-guided culinary bite Read more…

Barcelona Eat Local Food Tours

Have you ever visited a country and had a mission to experience authentic cultural food? And then you end up missing the mark and eating at touristy locations because that’s what is easy? Well, have no fear. When you come to Barcelona you can get an authentic Spanish culinary experience by Read more…