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Pere is a nature, Mountain, and travel guide. As a freelancer, he is known as Beyond Barcelona. Born and raised in Arenys de Mar, Pere always has one foot in the mountains and the other on the Mediterranean coast. He loves spending time in both environments, whether it be adventuring through the trees, or watching gulls and the scents of the sea and woods.

Pere went to school for Biology and graduated with a Major in Zoology. He also has his Masters in Environmental Management and Engineering. He has worked as an environmental educator but recently has found his niche in the world of freelance technical, an environmental consultancy. As a freelancer, he is also an environmental adviser and verifier of golf courses, accredited by the Golf Environment Organization. Working in both private and public sector, locally and abroad.

 The tours take tourists on journeys off the beaten track and providing them with unique experiences. In his free time, Pere continues to give talks and lectures on a variety of topics from nature to waste management and hiking. He uses his work experience as a consultant with that of a nature guide, both here in Catalonia and in the natural paradises of Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Belarus.

Pere’s passion for learning has been with him since he was a child. Always hiking and adventuring, is what continues to motivate him in the present. In all his years, he has tramped all over the country and climbed its best-known peaks. He has visited nearly every country in Europe. Join one of Pere’s tours and make use of all the knowledge and insight he has. I know I will

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