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Olive Oil, who knew there was such a market in Olive oil production, meet Santiago Racasens, the owner, and president of Aria Worldwide Ltd.  Aria and Santiago produce hand-made, top quality extra virgin olive oil with under the protected denomination of origin Les Garrigues. His product is called Davalia and is distributed in the USA, Spain, and other EU countries.

Olive Oil, before coming to Barcelona I never really gave olive oil much thought. I knew there were different types but didn’t question what brand or type to pick up when I was in the grocery store – for me it was more “what is the cheapest.” But that’s my student budget talking.

Santiago has a history in the region of Les Garrigues, His ancestors planted their first olive trees there in 1590, and many of those original trees are still present.  Les Garrigues is about 70 miles away from Barcelona and the Mediterranean Sea. What makes it the ideal place for growing olive trees is the special soil and unique microclimate, these two factors help produce exceptional olive oil.

Les Garrigues was recognized for these qualities by experts in 1975, and it was granted the first olive oil protected denomination of origin in Spain.The farmers and producers of the Les Garrigues region have always focused on quality before quantity, and the result is an extra virgin olive oil considered by experts to be one of the best in the world.

Aria, Santiago, and Davalia are a 100% family company that focuses on offering consumers the best nature can produce. They also promote local products made by local farmers. Santiago produces olive oil products of superb quality, and his investment allows for a 100% guarantee of origin that makes for fair trade practices to local farmers.

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