Exploring Global Gastronomic Experiences

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Exploring global gastronomic experiences

The millennials : What are they looking for in terms of experiences?  These days, social connections have changed a lot. People are sharing their everyday life much more than they used to do, thanks to the internet. Therefore, an unusual experience can now made easy, people want to enjoy an experience rather  than spending money on belongings, and these often end up becoming a trend, with the following they have and the write ups they make on social media. 

However, at Gastronomic Madness, we like discovering new experiences related to food and wine. Here are 5 of them coming from all around the world


     1)  Picnic in the South African vineyards

Imagine yourself in a chair in the middle of a parc with a view of the Cap mountains. Isn’t it the perfect place to enjoy a glass of white wine and a basket full of delicious food? Mixing a beautiful landscape and good food might be one of the best gastronomic experiences on earth.

     2)  A cooking class in Thailand 

As centuries go by, Thailandese food has always tried to find the perfect balance between sweet, salty, spicy and bitter flavours. Nowadays, it is globally recognized as one of the most sophisticated gastronomy. If you are lucky enough to visit this country, you must take a cooking class. Whatever your level, you would for sure to be amazed by the delicious and subtle dishes you would have prepared. 

    3)  A çai between Europe and Asia

Between the Eastern and the Western world, Istanbul is a magic city. This place can transform a simple tea tasting into an amazing experience. Try and order a glass of çai to enjoy while you admire the view during your crossing of the Bosphore. You would never forget this experience! 

    4)  A Creole feast, feet in the water in Guadeloupe

If you go to Guadeloupe, you would live feet in the water. It would be the best occasion to discover  new gastronomic experiences ! Try a lobster grilled with rhum on one of the beautiful Creole beaches… and don’t forget to accompany it with a glass of Ti Punch. 

You would learn the sweet Island life very quickly! 

    5)  A food tour in the United-States

Generally, when one goes to the United-States, they do not expect very much from the gastronomy of this country… nowadays, this stereotype is not so true. Indeed, from Los Angeles to Seattle, the west coast has lived a real revolution in terms of food quality. The best way to discover it is to do a tour led by a local of the country. 

People are always happy to make you discover their favourite places!

    6)  A medieval dinner in Requesens Palace, Barcelona

Last but not least, Catalunya has a lot of great experiences to offer. If you want to discover its gastronomy in a medieval atmosphere, it is possible in Requesens Palace, the current headquarters of the Royal Literature Academy. Each friday and saturday evening, you can live a real go back to the Middle Ages. The slow climax will be your plate : full of catalan specialities from the XIVth and XVth centuries ! 

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