Wine and food pairing – how does it work?

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Wine and food pairing - how does it work?

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If you are always struggling to find wine that matches with the right food, this article is for you. We give you four tips to find the perfect pairing!

Firstly the wine and food have to be the same intensity, otherwise the strongest flavour will overcompensate the other. Imagine a soft red wine with chili con carne, you would not taste any of your wine. Subtle and light wines are for delicate dishes, and strong wines are for spicy food.  

Secondly, the simplest rule is to find harmony in your flavours. Indeed, it is quite easy to determine the dominant flavour of your plate and of your wine. Therefore, an old red wine which taste reminds you of leather and fur will be perfect with game. However, you can also match opposite flavours. Since sweet and savoury is a classic in gastronomy, a honey wine with roquefort can be delicious. Opposition does not necessarily mean conflicting flavours. 

Thirdly, The secret of a successful matching is in the texture:  you need to find a good harmony and density. Try a tannic wine with dry meat, or a mellow one with velouté. 

Wine structure, acidity, tannic and density are as much important as flavours. 

Fourth, with some dishes, wine has to be avoided. Indeed, some ingredients will always be better with water, it’s not worth trying them with every sort of wine. For example: eggs, crudity, plants with a strong flavour, vinaigre, and chocolate or coffee, because wine doesn’t like bitterness.  Nevertheless, you can make an exception for chocolate, and try it with a soft chocolate-flavoured wine. 

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