How to create a community through food and wine ?

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How to create a community through food and wine ?

Food and wine have always been a social vehicle. It brings people together, creates new business connections or friendships and is the best way for a family to have long lunches and sharing moments together. 

Eating is not only a primary need that every human being has in common, it’s also one of the best ways on earth to connect people. 

Gastronomic Madness aims at creating a learning community through food and wine. We truly believe that these concepts are a strong link between cultures, traditions and generations. Think about yourself as a child and how you learnt through adults’ behaviour: Did you have an interesting feeling of curiosity towards discovering for the first time new cultural flavours and your parents asking you to be daring in trying new food?  Well, it’s never too late for new gastronomic experiences and if you think you already know pretty well everything you like and dislike, you may be surprised.

As you grew up, you might have developed an exciting will to discover new flavours and concepts around food and to transmit it to your children when it comes to your turn.

This food  legacy also exists between adults, and sharing it through people from different cultures and social environment can build a great community of creative and curious people. 

In  our gastronomic events, you will have the chance to learn about interesting topics around a sharing table and discovering new concepts: the best moment to open great conversations and to discover common points you would never imagine sharing with anyone.  

We like to promote emerging chefs and innovative concepts around food and wine, for that reason we invite professionals to share their knowledge and passion: we recently did a workshop about the psychology of colour and what it means, and how we link colour to food and wine. 

What does madness mean to you ?

Let’s get out of the box: come and discover new tastes created by innovative chefs who will teach you how to feel food through all your senses. The madness can be found in very simple things as much as in great ones, find your own and bring it to our events !

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