Gin Raw: A Handcrafted Gastronomic Gin

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I don’t really like Gin; as I’ve said before, but Gin Raw is pretty good. Ever wondered what a luxury Gin tasted like? I never did, but I got the chance to experience it recently, which is very lucky for me since, there are only 5,000 bottles produced every year.

What is Gin Raw?

A gastronomic gin that is made by a handful of experts from different corners of the world of gastronomy. The team that makes up Gin Raw includes a chef, a sommelier, and a mixologist. Creating a gin is considered an art. With balancing flavours, aromas and botanicals, a master perfumer rounds out the team.

How did Gin Raw come to be?

We met with one of the men behind the product and he told us how he and his business partner; just realised one day that  Barcelona lacked a Gin that truly represented it and the gastronomic creativity and fusion if flavours that describe Barcelona in one sip. From that point on the two men became business partners, found and collaborated with the rest of the team and created the spirit of Barcelona; Gin Raw.

Luis (the man with met with) is one of the co-founders of Gin Raw. He came from high end or luxury marketing and translates his knowledge and passion for gastronomic fusion into his work and product Gin Raw.

 What makes Gin Raw so special?

Gin Raw is made using a unique distillation process; that combines the traditional method and uses copper stills. But, they incorporated the latest gastronomic trend and technique that is a low-temperature distillation process using Rotaval.

Luis told us that although Spain did not create Gin as a staple drink, Gin Tonics come from the Spain region. This reason alone is what motivated Luis and his business partner to create a truly magical, rare and unique Gin that fits with Barcelona and the Mediterranean.

Gin Raw is crafted so that it can be consumed any way you’d like. As a base for other cocktails (my pick), neat, on the rocks, in a Gin Tonic. The team prides itself on the product simply because it has been developed so that the botanicals it uses, the richness or aromas and flavours can pair perfectly with a gourmet meal or other sophisticated culinary creations.

What makes Gin Raw so exclusive is the time and effort put into creating each individual bottle and flavour. This luxury item is produced solely in Spain, and each Botanical ingredient is hand selected and distilled individually before fusing together to make the final product.

They used only botanicals that capture the essence of Barcelona and proportion them. Like making a perfume finding the balance is especially important. They use Juniper (dry herbal aroma balsamic & woody), Citrus notes ( citrus and refreshing, sourness), Laurel (intense, fresh, sweet and spice), Black cardamom (smokey & spiced) and Coriander seeds (floral, spicy, citric). Each botanical is a layer to the drink and adds a dynamism that is hard to grasp.

The Team

  • Rosendo Mateu – Maitre Parfumeur
  • Javier Caballero – Mixologist
  • Sergi Figueras – Sommelier
  • Xano Saguer – Chef

The Exclusivity

Gin Raw is crafted in 5,000 bottles, each numbed individually – making this product unique and exclusive. It  comes in 70cl bottles with a ABV of 42.3%. The name Gin Raw stands for pure and unrefined gin. The low temp distillation process preserves the most fresh and delicate aromas and botanicals. Raw embodies the gastronomic food movement for raw, art, design and photography – matching creative to the palet.

The bottle of Gin Raw is truly well branded. It embodies Barcelona as modern groud breaking yet authentic. It’s cap made from ash wood sourced from sustainable forests paired with an aluminium ring makes the bottle truly stand out. The neck is covered with a collar listing the botanicals

The body has a faded glaze giving a visual image to the low temperate distillatopn process. The glaze turns clear as it moves towards the bottom so the consumer can appreciate the purity of the borduct, and the bottom matches a PET water bottle making it truly orgional.

Gin Raw is a product of Mediterranean Premium Spirits S.L, the professionals behind this drink have invested all of their passion to create a unique Gin with personality like no other. A must try if you ever get the chance.

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