Parato Winery & Vineyard

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Parato… for anyone that enjoys a nice glass of wine in a beautiful location with great people. You must check out Celler Parato. Parato is a vineyard here in Barcelona. The workers and owners at Parato know that the best wine comes from the best grapes, everything goes back to where and how the grapes are grown in the vineyard. Because of this, they farm organically to ensure the best possible wine’s and cava’s production.

The Parato Vineyard is a family tradition dating back to the 17th Century with the Elias family. Located on the slope of Montjuic mountain, the Elias family has their press and sold Litres of wine around the Sants neighbourhood. The Spanish Civil War put an end to this, but in 1975 heir to the estate; Josep Elias Andreu, recovered the winemaking tradition. Josep founded the Societas Parató Vinícola (ParatóVinicultural Society) and bought 94 hectares of a farm with vineyards in the Alt Penedès Region. The current winery was built here in 1977.

Four siblings carry on the family tradition keeping in mind that  “to produce wine and cava of the best quality, only and exclusively with the grapes we grow”. You can stop by Monday through Friday, or on weekends if you call ahead to tour the property or taste some wine.

The tradition of Parato is thick and well thought out. The Elias family continues to celebrate this tradition but embraces modern elements. A truly special place to check out in Barcelona.

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