Vegan: Trend or True?


Vegan- just the word might earn a few eye rolls, but it is undeniable that this lifestyle is becoming more and more popular. Because it is a lifestyle, where people commit to not using any animal product or by-product for food, clothing, or anything else. Which you can imagine is fairly difficult, even if you just look at the food aspect. (more…)

4 Food Trends That Will Shape 2017

Food trends can shape an entire industry, affecting what’s available, to what we want to eat. The hottest restaurants pick up on them quickly, and can make a quick profit. Similarly, the ever-changing landscape of social media can make or break a food trend. More often than not, any trip to a restaurant will result in a foodie taking that much sought after Instagram picture of their meal. So what are the projections this year? Let’s take a look. (more…)


Is it a clothing store? A gallery? A café? What is Wer-Haus? All of these questions are irrelevant in Wer-Haus. It’s all of them and more, stuffed into an actual warehouse (hence the name!). The decor is industrial, yet clean, comfortable and airy. With brightness as an accessory, and green Read more…