“It’s Not Just Something You Eat… It’s an Experience”

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Past the rainbow colored neon sign that shines “Bollo”– a play on words for both homosexuality and a type of dessert– you’ll find the Cake Queen, Lorena Hendlin, creating something magnificently new. As the head chef of this vibrant bakery, Hendlin is always working to craft something flavorfully explosive, original and meaningful.


Bollo Cakery opened their doors in October, 2018, and has since shown Barcelona their message: to break away from dessert norms and experiment with new shapes, flavours and colors. The cakery is self-defined as “hetero-friendly” and adores vibrancy,  blurring the gender gap, and employing authenticity and inclusivity in all that they produce.

Bollo Cakery began with the creativity of three friends– Lorena Hendlin, her partner Paz Giusti and Carlos Morales. After years of professional chef training at  The Hoffman School and Espai Sucre, Hendlin decided her true passion was in pastry and cake making. Soon after this revelation, she met Carlos, who dubbed her “The Cake Queen” and gave her the break she needed to succeed. Bollo Cakery is their collective project to create “unique and irresistible indul-gences that excite you from the first bite.”


We visited Bollo and met with Lorena to discover this new Gastronomic Madness concept, and learn more about the history behind the bakery. For over an hour Lorena sat with us and told us of her Venezuelan background, the love of her life, Paz, and the inspiration she uses to create her masterpieces. She brought us sample after sample of deliciously unique, artful, and flavorful pieces, and we were in gastronomic madness heaven! The cakes at Bollo are crafted to both look and taste phenomenal, and each piece comes with its own story.

From Galaxy inspired pieces to cakes named after Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Beyonce songs, Bollo Cakery is at work making truly unique gastronomic concepts. We have never been to a bakery that works with so much color or shape, and we have certainly never been to one that has a passion for inclusivity and love. Bollo Cakery is open-minded, inclusive and welcoming. They work to produce quality cakes that will leave you smiling from both its taste and message.  As Hendline put it, “It’s not just something you eat, it’s an experience.”

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be working with Bollo Cakery on future Gastronomic Madness collaborations!

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