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We’re mad about exploring gastronomy and discovering as many new trends as possible, but what’s better than food that’s both wildly innovative AND healthy? In preparation for an upcoming event, in this post we’re talking about food that can positively fuel your body and give you a gastronomic “wow” experience!


On April 25, People On The Grid will be hosting an event in collaboration with OneCoWork centered around The Future of Sports & Health, with a nutritional workshop and networking hour. The purpose of the event is to hear from a variety of entrepreneurs, creative thinkers, and business leaders about how technology is impacting the sports and health industries. The event will kick off with a panel discussion, followed by a Gastronomic Madness workshop focused on nutritional health, and after the opportunity to network with a variety of forward-thinking individuals.

Our Gastronomic Madness workshop will be run by Mariah Quesada, a nutritionist, plant-based chef and food stylist. Mariah is also the CEO and Founder of Pabulum Food and Nutrition, where she takes a holistic approach to nutrition by working with clients to discover positive habits and delicious healthy foods.

During the Gastronomic Madness workshop, Mariah will be creating a gastronomic experience with the motto “Clean, Green, and Healthy,” which is taking the food industry by storm. More and more, athletes, chefs, and restaurateurs are becoming more health conscious, plant-based and environmentally sound. Some of the biggest food trends of 2019 include switching from meat heavy diets, to protein-packed vegetables and dairy free alternatives.

Mariah will be working within these guidelines by creating an educational workshop on healthy eating and food styling.  Want to know what it is? Come to our event!

The event will take place on April 25 at OneCoWork in Placa Catalunya from 19:00-22:00. Early bird tickets are only €12.00, and can be purchased using the link below:

Join us for an exciting evening of discussion, innovation and networking! We look forward to seeing you there!

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