Urban garden

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Huertos in the sky

On the rooftop of a delicious restaurant, we had the opportunity to learn, connect with great people and pick our own vegetables and aromatic plants ! This experience was posible thanks to an amazing project which consists of taking advantage of the empty rooftop of the city in order to create a urban garden. 

Just above the restaurant L’Ostia, this garden provides a zero km goal : some fruits and vegetables are used by the restaurant and direclty picked from there. This initiative leads to a good social impact and is a step forward fot better future, reducing carbon emission. 

To spread this concept, the creator organizes some private tour during which you learn about the different plants and understand the importance of consuming local and seasonal food. 

All this with a beautiful view of the city creates a wonderful green rooftop atmosphere in which you feel free to connect with people and to pick some of the delicious aromatic plants.

Stay in touch to know about the evolution of this recent and ambitious trend ! 

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