Sake In Barcelona, And Where To Find It

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Everyone knows Spain is known for its wine, from Cava to rich reds and crisp whites. But lately, an imported wine is starting to make waves in Barcelona. Is it from Italy or France? Well, no, this new wine is from Japan, and it’s called Sake.

Sake is the national beverage in Japan, where is it served at special ceremonies gently warmed in small earthenware containers. This thousand-year-old traditional beverage has been around for a while, and for a reason.

Rather than grapes, this base of this wine is made from rice. Unlike wine, where the sugars naturally present in fruit ferment, sake undergoes a brewing process similar to beer,  where starch turns into to sugar which then ferments to produce alcohol. However, unlike beer and wine, sake contains a much higher alcohol content, usually between 18-20% vol

The next question becomes, where to get sake in Barcelona? Sake is popular in many sushi restaurants, and can otherwise be found in specialty stores. Let’s take a look at a few.

Carlota Akaneya

Gothic Quarter

Carlota Akaneya is without a doubt one of the best Japanese restaurants out of the many in Barcelona. If you are looking for delicious, honest, and genuine Japanese food, this is the place to go. They are a Sumibi-yaki restaurant, meaning they use a homemade barbeque charcoal grill called shichimi. And, of course, sake.

Tokyo-Ya -Tienda Alimentos Japoneses Barcelona


TOKYO-YA is wholesale and retail of Japanese food, kitchen utensils, catering equipment; Food products from Asia and other continents. They specialise in all things Japanese gastronomy. With an extensive sake collection, they feature dozens of the best brands available.



Haiku, located in Gracia, is a specialty store with all Japanese products. They have everything, from origami paper to traditional calligraphy tools, and of course, sake. You can even purchase the traditional serving glasses there if you can to make the experience even more genuine.