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Barcelona’s Best Elusive Eats

Restaurants have always been the traditional way of enjoying other people’s cuisine. But maybe they’re becoming a thing of the past. Food is becoming more and more mobile, whether it’s delivery services, a pop-up, or food trucks. What interests us today is the later- the idea of temporary food. It creates an immediate novelty- after all, you might be eating something somewhere that might never exist again. Food trucks and pop-up can be elusive, adding an element of fun, too. (more…)


The Best Juice take outs in Barcelona

We’ve all been told since childhood to drink our juice. For a long time, it has represented an easy and tasty way to get the nutrients your body needs. When you can combine fruits and veggies to make your favourite drink, you can easily increase your daily intake of necessary and healthy vitamins and nutrients. It has even been hailed as liquid super fruit. (more…)


Concept Dining: Is Blending Concepts The Future?

People are always looking for the newest trend in food, but what if we add business? Recently, a new idea has emerged: the shared space concept store. What does it mean? No longer are places of food pidgeon-holed into a single idea. A bar is no longer just a bar, a cafe just a cafe, or a restaurant just a restaurant. The most innovative and creative spaces always have something else, an element of added value and interest. This makes each one unique and too good to miss. (more…)

Where to Find Gin in Barcelona

Without a doubt, Gin-tonics are one of the most popular drinks in Barcelona. Originally from England, the cocktails have reached popularity here because of their refreshing fruity and botanical taste, served in large ice filled glasses perfect for Spain’s hot summers. As a result, gin bars have been popping up Read more…

The Best Tea Barcelona Has To Offer

Healthy and tasty, tea has been around for thousands of years. For good reason too, since it can be consumed hot or cold, with or without caffeine, and with just about any garnish you want. Maybe you like a strong black tea with a couple of healthy scoops of sugar in the morning to get you through the day, or perhaps a refreshingly fruity iced tea in the afternoon in the heat of summer, or even a little evening brew with a splash of liqueur.


4 Food Trends That Will Shape 2017

Food trends can shape an entire industry, affecting what’s available, to what we want to eat. The hottest restaurants pick up on them quickly, and can make a quick profit. Similarly, the ever-changing landscape of social media can make or break a food trend. More often than not, any trip to a restaurant will result in a foodie taking that much sought after Instagram picture of their meal. So what are the projections this year? Let’s take a look. (more…)