Barcelona’s Best Elusive Eats

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pop up

Restaurants have always been the traditional way of enjoying other people’s cuisine. But maybe they’re becoming a thing of the past. Food is becoming more and more mobile, whether it’s delivery services, a pop-up, or food trucks. What interests us today is the later- the idea of temporary food. It creates an immediate novelty- after all, you might be eating something somewhere that might never exist again. Food trucks and pop-up can be elusive, adding an element of fun, too.

Today, we’re going to be taking a look at some of Barcelona’s best elusive eats.

POP.UP inspire

POP.UP is a unique and creative pop up experience in the heart of Barcelona’s Port Forum. It combines culture, art, and experience for a two-day pop up that bring people together. Amidst the artists and concerts, there are eight creative and fun food trucks.

We Pop!

We Pop! is one of Barcelona’s most exciting food pop ups. This pop up arrives in an unexpected location for a day, a week, or a month. And then it vanishes. Offering traditional Yankee cuisine, they have appeared in beauty salons, hidden shops, and others amazing locations. To find out where they are now, visit their Facebook page.

Caravan Made

The concept behind the Caravan Made Food truck is simple yet perfect: they bring food where their two wheel caravan takes them. Promising to bring gastronomy and tasty treats, they certainly deliver an alternative dining experience.

Corazón de Agave

Corazon de Agave brings traditional Mexican flavours to the heart- and streets- of Catalonia. Using traditional cooking methods, they bring the flavours of the Yucatan to Barcelona. With tacos, pico de gallo, nachos and much, much more, they offer a true fiesta of flavours.

Rooftop Smokehouse

Rooftop Smokehouse started on a rooftop with an empty barrel of wine and group of friends. Today, they smoke traditional and exciting meats in a reclaimed factory in Eixample. They prioritize the use of ethical and seasonal products. You can find their food served from the bed of their 1960s Ebro truck.