The Best Juice take outs in Barcelona

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We’ve all been told since childhood to drink our juice. For a long time, it has represented an easy and tasty way to get the nutrients your body needs. When you can combine fruits and veggies to make your favourite drink, you can easily increase your daily intake of necessary and healthy vitamins and nutrients. It has even been hailed as liquid super fruit.

However, store bought juices are not always as healthy as they seem. They can be made from concentrate, or filled with added sugars to make them more desirable to children. This can come with obvious health implications, and taking time out of your day to juice everything by hand might seem impossible. Well, there is a solution for this. Barcelona is home to some of the best juice bars in the world, each of which hand selects their ingredients and assure quality and health.

Let’s look at few today.

Green Shots

Green Shots is a cold pressed juice cafe located in Gracia. Among many healthy dishes, they also have a wide selection of organic juices pressed in store. They use a hydraulic press, which helps conserve more vitamins. If you’re looking to do a detox, they also offer one day and three-day packages to get you started!


Teresa’s, located in the Gothic Quarter, is immediately identifiable with a window display full of refrigerated juices. With the most extensive menu of juices, they have everything from cold press, smoothies, purees, to plant based mylks. They have dozens of flavours, so you can’t go wrong!

Hammock Juice Station

Hammock juice station, in Eixample, might be relatively new to Barcelona, but it’s here to stay. They are focussed on healthy and relaxed, as demonstrated by their menu and the fact that they have Honduran Hammocks hanging from the ceiling. They welcome you to visit for a healthy meal and a nice place to relax. Be warned, you might even end up taking a nap!

Press and Reset

Also in Gracia, Press and Reset use a hydraulic press to create their signature juices. In this process, oxidation is minimized and a complete extraction of nutrients is achieved. The result is a dense and delicious juice, intense and vibrant flavours. Their juice both satisfies the palate and benefits the body. 

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