Concept Dining: Is Blending Concepts The Future?

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People are always looking for the newest trend in food, but what if we add business? Recently, a new idea has emerged: the shared space concept store. What does it mean? No longer are places of food pidgeon-holed into a single idea. A bar is no longer just a bar, a cafe just a cafe, or a restaurant just a restaurant. The most innovative and creative spaces always have something else, an element of added value and interest. This makes each one unique and too good to miss.

Let’s take a look at a few today.


Located in Eixample, this concept store breeds creativity. Sandwiched between two highrises, it seamlessly combines art, fashion, and food. How so? Let’s look at the individual branches first. When you first walk in, you are greeted with a long corridor of contemporary art, and those hard to find art related books. Further inside, the space opens up into a chic and modern coffee lab and cuisine. However, it’s not your typical food. Focused on fast and healthy, their vibrant menu was created by Leon Bony, from a first-star Michelin restaurant, Les Cariatides in Dijon. How could Wer-Haus get any better? The third branch of the store is dedicated to fashion and design, with some of the best brands of today. All three of these concepts come together to create a concept space that changes what food means. 

Espai Joliu

Do you love plants, coffee, and art? Then Espai Joliu is perfect for you. This charmingly rustic cafe had everything- delicious specialty coffee, tasty snacks, and mouth-watering desserts. The beautiful presentation matches the store’s lovely art-decorated walls. And what better than to sip on your morning coffee while flipping through an art book? Have we forgotten the plants? Surrounded by greenery of all kinds- succulents, cacti, and flowers- Espai Joliu is truly a breath of fresh air.

Iluzione in Lucio

Lucio was one of the first concept stores in Barcelona, and certainly one of the first dedicated to luxury. A design and home goods space, they are focused on the unique elements that make up each piece of the home. For their tenth anniversary, they opened Iluzione, a dining space for locals and travellers alike. Serving Italian food with an American touch, each dish is made with only the finest ingredients. And of course, there is coffee and cocktails…