The Cold Pressed Juicery

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Ginger can be a bit tough to stomach. Although it’s healthy and tasty (in small amounts), this root tends to have a serious burn if consumed in large amounts. The good people at The Cold Pressed Juicery don’t really care about that. Their specialty is a 30 ml bottle of pure ginger, intended to be taken as a shot.

“But why on Earth would I subject myself to that?” you may be thinking.

Personally, I did it because the barista said many people can’t handle it. I wanted to prove myself as part of the ginger-chugging elite. Without much to lose, I plugged my nose and downed the shot.

It was shockingly smooth… for a few seconds. And then the burn started to kick in.

I’ll save you the description of my wattery-eyed, cough-y, over-warm self. Instead, I’ll jump ahead 60 seconds to my clear-headed, energized, smiley self.

Sure, it burnt, but that energy boost was better than coffee. (Probably healthier too!)Ginger isn’t for everybody, but if you are ever in need of a major energy kick in the butt – head to The Cold Pressed Juicery for a ginger shot. It’s disgustingly magical.


Nieuwe Passeerdersstraat 12, 1016 XP Amsterdam, Netherlands
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