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Fintan Kerr is the founder of Wine Cuentista – simply put, Wine Storyteller. WC runs high-quality wine tastings in central Barcelona.

The business is run on the basis that wine has a story and that worth sharing. What better way to tell the story through informal, fun, informative and intimate wine tastings. At the wine tastings, Fintan focuses on local wines from Spain and Catalunya.

 Spain is a beautiful country for wine drinkers with a huge variety of different wine producing regions, styles and new innovative winemakers in balance with a wealth of tradition and over 1000 years of  history. When Fintan first arrived in Barcelona over 6 years ago, Fintan fell inlove with Spanish Wine, and the pivitol moment that lead to the creation of Wine Cuentista – was Fintan’s first Spanish wine tasting at Bodega Maestrazgo hosted by Jose.

Wine Cuentista looks to explore the sheer scale, complexity and beauty of the wine industry. Asking questions like; How can such subtle differences make such a big impact on the flavour, structure and style of a drink? and, How is it that wines change so unpredictably as they age?

For anybody looking to dive into the world of Spanish wine, food, culture and history, should look into Fintan’s business. Wine Cuentista welcomes all, no matter if you’re a novice drinker or a seasoned vino-veteran, there is always something to discover.

Wine is an expereince not just a drink. Check out Wine Cuentista here

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