The Miracle of Food Delivery

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To eat out or to stay at home? It’s a question many of us face every week when that mix of boredom and hunger kick in. Going out means getting dressed, sitting at a table, and waiting. Staying at home means eating whatever is already in the fridge. Or does it?

Food delivery services have revolutionized this. Thanks to technology, now you can stay on your couch and eat from your favourite restaurants at once. It used to be that restaurants each had their own delivery services if they chose, which was expensive and not time effective. Smaller places would likely have a single employee with a car making his way between multiple orders and the restaurant- meaning more often than not your food arrived cold.

Now, third party companies have offered their services. With multiple drivers, all they have to focus on is the delivery, while restaurants only have to focus on the food. It’s a win win situation, really. Let’s take a look at Barcelona’s most popular food delivery services.


Operating in Barcelona and London, Trybe is your friendly neighbourhood food delivery. Simply put, Trybe connects independent chefs with people looking for food. This allows their customers to enjoy homemade takeaway food, made to order especially for you. If you are a chef, you can apply to work with Trybe, and learn how to improve your cooking while making money on the side.


Ever seen those blue bicycles zooming around town? Deliveroo offers a different sort of food delivery service. Operating in eighty-four cities across Europe, they have one of the largest networks for food delivery. Through their website, you can select meals from hundred of local restaurants, and have them delivered to your door. They use employed or self-employed bicycle and motorcycle drivers to make sure your food is delivered hot.

Just Eat

Just Eat is one of the largest food delivery networks in the world. Based in England, they operate in thirteen countries worldwide. Launched in 2001, it has reached great success over the past sixteen years. Available as a website and mobile app, it allows users to select food from hundreds of restaurants in their city, and decide if it’s for delivery or pickup.

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