The Best Tea Barcelona Has To Offer

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Healthy and tasty, tea has been around for thousands of years. For good reason too, since it can be consumed hot or cold, with or without caffeine, and with just about any garnish you want. Maybe you like a strong black tea with a couple of healthy scoops of sugar in the morning to get you through the day, or perhaps a refreshingly fruity iced tea in the afternoon in the heat of summer, or even a little evening brew with a splash of liqueur.

Each type comes with it’s own health benefits too. Green teas are known for decreasing blood pressure, lowering bad cholesterol, and increasing your metabolism. Ginger tea can be used to help an upset stomach and aid with relieving stress, and lavender tea can be used to ease headaches and as a natural cure for insomnia.

So now that we know what it’s good for, let’s look at the best places to get tea in Barcelona.

Tea houses

Tea houses provide a fantastic social way to enjoy tea with friends while also enjoying pastries and snacks. They typically specialize in a certain type of tea, or have fun and cute themes that make them unique. Luckily, Barcelona has it’s share of amazing tea houses. Cai Chai specializes in Asian teas from Japan and China, and is dedicated to taking extreme care in their process. Caelum, a tea house in the Gothic Quarter, features pastries from religious orders from all around Spain. Another, Pudding, is Mary Poppins themed and it’s vibrant atmosphere is great for children.

Tea shops

But what if you want to invest in your own collection? While many tea houses sell tea to go, there are many shops dedicated to it as well. We’re not talking grocery store tea, either, we mean loose leaf, the good stuff. Planeta Te is a favourite of ours. Located in Gracia, they offer a large selection of loose leaf teas from all over the world, including organic options. Bebe-Te has two stores in Barcelona, and features some of the best brands from around the world at very good prices. Tetere has it’s own unique philosophy, with staff that travel to tea farms around the world to learn the culture and each specific way of making tea.

So no matter how you drink it, there is somewhere in Barcelona willing and able to steep it to you.