Best Pizza in Barcelona: Pizzeria Micaela

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Pizza is an ancient tradition- truly it is. The first ever recorded instance of the word pizza came from the tenth century, which means it has been around for over a thousand years. The modern incarnation of pizza, that ooey gooey cheesy deliciousness we all love, was born in Naples far more recently. Still, it has managed to spread around the world, finding success wherever it is sold. In North America, it has reached staggering popularity, available everywhere, even common in the frozen form. Here in Barcelona, there is one chain of restaurants that seems to have figured out pizza better than the rest.

Micaela Pizza is easy to miss if you don’t look for it. Namely, because the name typically isn’t on the front of the restaurant. This is because, at each location, they partner up with a different bakery to share the space. We’re not talking bread bakery, either. We’re talking mouth watering expertly crafted pastries. Eclairs, cannoli, tiramisu, each rich and expertly crafted. In one of the Gracia locations, Bake and Bite, doughnuts are suspended over the pizza boxes on wooden hooks.

But really, people go there for the main attraction- the XXL pizzas, almost a yard in diameter, thin crust, true Neapolitan style. If you want to go for a classic, try the Margherita. It’s simple, tomato sauce, mozzarella, and basil. The original, if you will. Mouth-watering heated up or room temperature, a generous slice will only set you back two euros. And you’re not sacrificing quality, either. It’s made in the traditional way, thin crust, expertly portioned toppings spread evenly across the surface. Every day there is a wealth of flavours, with vegetarian or gluten options readily available every day. Their options are ever typical either. They change from day to day, so you never walk in to see the same thing. Personal favourites I can recommend are goat cheese and spinach, or their potato and leek pizza, which surfaces less often. Still, you can’t go wrong with the classics, such as cherry tomato, arugula, and onion. Their ham-laden pizza still set my mouth watering every time I walk in. They also offer pizzas to take home, for a reasonable price too. They come in various sizes and promise to make the perfect addition to any home pizza night.

You can find them on their website here.