Classic Catalan Restaurant: Casa Agusti

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If you are ever looking for traditional, classic Catalan cuisine, take your time and visit Restaurant Casa Agusti in the center of Barcelona. This Barcelona Kitchen has existed since 1936 founded by Agusti Ros. Now at 81 years of business, Agusti has cemented itself as a top destination for travelers, and locals alike looking for authentic, high-quality Catalan cuisine.

What I like about Agusti is the dedication to their client’s needs and the quality of food and service that Founder Ros introduced into space. Another concept that makes this place one of my favs is the classic appeal the chef’s and sous-chef’s wear, with the white classic jackets.

The decor of the space has been changed over the 80 years, but the original design was decorated in 1955. The many renovations kept the charms of the old structures and feel of decor that is typically Barcelonian. These choices have made the place classicly nostalgic and homey.

Cited in the cities centre, Place Catalunya, stepping into Casa Agusti is a modern trip back in time with elements from past and present.  Favorite items from the menu: Steamed Mussels, Rice with lobster or the classic Paella Parellada (without shells), and for dessert, Crema Catalana.

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