Flax & Kale

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Flax & kale are both generally lacklustre ingredients. They’re oftentimes mangled into healthy dishes which aspire to be like their unhealthy counterparts. They almost universally fail. A portobello burger just isn’t the same. My mom in an effort to increase my healthy food intake, has tried to sneak seaweed into smoothies – and trust me I can tell the difference.

But Flax & Kale does away with this unfortunate trend. Their dishes don’t aspire to be like unhealthy alternatives, they aspire to be uncompromisingly delicious, and uncompromisingly healthy, in their own unique style. For me introducing kale into my life was gradual. First, I added more romain and iceburg lettucce to my diet. I then would switch to spinach and then to kale. Going along with the lastest healthy eating yet delicious food trend.

Famous for their kale chips, the crunchy flavorful texture doesn’t begin to describe them. While I am not a huge fan of kale chips, these sparked my taste buds and I strongly encourage people to give them a try. The smoothies are delicious with a punch of flavor, it tastes so good and is so healthy it’s almost to good to be healthy.

Heads up, they also have healthy cake!

Carrer dels Tallers, 74B, 08001 Barcelona
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