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Meet Ella and Alberto the Founders and Owners of Espai Egg. Our sister project “People On The Grid” recently did a video interview with them – check out the video below! Espai Egg is a trifecta space, with a cafe, eating space out front, a coworking kitchen in the middle and space for cooking classes in the back. Each space is distinctly unique, but the flow and use are customizable for anyone interested in what they are offering.

Espai Egg is in Raval, and the business concept came when the two owners were looking for a space to do their cooking classes and events under their project “Bear On Bike.” They found the space and although it was much larger than they needed they attempted to take a shot and took it on. The Co-Working kitchen is available for chefs or cooks alike to rent out space if they are starting a project without spending money on a space of their own. The term Egg also applies here metaphorically because Espai Egg acts as an incubator for new projects.

Another interesting idea with Espai Egg, is they have a goal of becoming a zero food waste professional kitchen – a goal that few places have met. They are attached to a slow food movement and focus on organic products and sustainability and want to teach through their cooking classes and events, as well as the others using the space new and fun ways to introduce these concepts into your culinary business. With the organic focus, they have sought out producers that meet their needs and rather than buying anonymously, they have formed relationships and added a social dimension to the behind the scenes product purchasing.

To learn more about Espai Egg or collaborate with them check them out on Facebook:

check them out on Facebook, Instagram or their website.

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