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What is the idea behind La Moodstore? Well, in every home, sofa converses with a picture, a book strikes up a conversation with a lamp, a spoon. In every home, the sofa converses with a picture; a book strikes up a conversation with a lamp, a spoon with a pasta dish: there is an implicit coherence in the arrangement of each element. It is these decor interactions that make for comfort and the relaxation of “being at home.”

Homey vibes and lived in, comfortable spaces are where I feel the happiest. And now, you can find this outside the home, in La Moodstore Barcelona. La Moodstore is an exhibition space located in the heart of Born in Barcelona; La Moodstore understands the creation beyond the established categories. It’s a space that creates a theme and mood that is not fixed. Set up by two friends who decided to create the moodstore after college and bring design into their space for eating, drinking and being merry. They have a hidden space downstairs for dinners and spectacles. We shall be discovering more from this place. Nothing is set in stone. C/Dels Canvis Nous 8 8003 Barcelona Tel 93 024 07 90

Open 6pm-12pm

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