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Ocaña is more than just a place to eat. It is a cafe, restaurant, club/lounge bar, and cocktail bar here in Barcelona. OcañaDF is a place to experience the best of classic and contemporary Mexican cuisine.  Coupled with the selection of cocktails, the scrumptious dishes and food fusions made in this place a hot spot for food lovers.  Enjoy a classic drink or try a new and unique creation, regardless, the food and drinks are both delicate and dynamite.

“Hold on; is there ice cream on that salmon?”

This is a fair question when dining at Ocaña. Albeit, it’s a coconut sorbet. This place fuses the most unexpected ingredients into delicious dishes. Foods of different textures, temperatures, and different tastes just somehow fall into place. Pomegranates on tortillas and sorbets on ceviches are just common practice at this trendy Mexican restaurant.

The food and beverages are not the only intriguing thing about Ocaña. The decor is inspired by two great artists. The Mexican Humberto Spindola, this artist works with paper, a tradition from his country dating back over 1500 years. His skills help to bridge the splendor of ancient Mexican civilizations to the vibrant force of contemporary art.  The French graffiti master Gérard Zlotykamien: and the yellow and pink colour scheme are a tribute to the great Mexican architect Luis Barragán.

Find Ocaña Here: Plaça Reial, 13-15, 08002 Barcelona Open 1 PM – 3 AM

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